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Best Consultation Guidelines

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To get the most our of your consultation with our doctors here are some best practice guidelines that you can follow as a patient to take your consultation a step further.

  • You are requested to report 10 minutes prior to your appointment
  • Your appointment time is a rough estimate of your likely consult and there is no guarantee that you will be seen exactly on that time. It is subject to medical emergencies and delays in surgeries due to operative difficulties.
  • Your patient and cooperation in case of delay in seeing you will be highly appreciated by our team and doctor.
  • If any tests have been requested in the last visit then kindly arrange them beforehand to show to the doctor
  • Bring along all previous consultation records and reports. They may need to be reviewed by the doctor
  • If you report late then your appointment will be regarded as cancelled. You need to take a new appointment for the same which may be subject to availability.
  • During consult only one attendant is allowed with you in the self sanitized isolation chamber
  • If any reports are requested they will be seen whenever the doctor is free on the same day. You are eligible to take free follow up consult to show your report within a week / designated time otherwise if you cannot wait.
  • Repeat consultation within same week / designated time is free but it has to be with prior appointment.
  • You are free to take a second opinion and share it with us.
  • Please inform the doctor about your allergies and other health conditions
  • Please do not knock the gate or try to force them open. Many of our OPDs have electronic automatic gates.
  • If there is any small query remaining after the consultation has finished and you have left the chamber please ask it using the chat feature of our web app.
  • Take your follow up appointment before you leave the hospital or book it through
  • In case of any emergency please visit the hospital. No emergency advice will be provided on phone, messaging or via web as per directions of the medical council of India.