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There are a number of insurance companies that do not have a tie up with the hospital yet mainly because of the financial limitations they offer that come in the way of providing optimal standards of care to our patients. In such cases when the patient still requests for our care we perform surgical procedures that are reimbursed by the patient through his insurance. Here are some details that you need to know about reimbursements at Jyoti Hospital:

  • With the admission, the front office will explain to you in detail the estimate that your doctor has provided.
  • The hospital will require you to make 50% payment of the total in advance at the time of admission. 
  • The final bill will be formulated at the time of the discharge of the patient. 
  • It is mandatory to receive a payment receipt after clearing dues.
  • You will be requested to keep safe the bills provided by the hospital and fill up PART A of the reimbursement form, which includes patient details.
  • The billing section will help to fill the PART B of the form, which includes hospital and hospitalization records.
  • The usual time for reimbursement of claims varies from 2- 3 weeks in most cases.
  • The hospital shall not be responsible for any liabilities of getting the reimbursement done for bills presented before admission or after discharge.
  • It shall be the primary responsibility of the patient/attendant to follow the procedure and inform/seek help from staff if needed.

If you still have any queries our experienced front desk will help you to resolve them. Please feel free to write to us at our contact page.