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For a comfortable experience, we understand the need of empathising nursing care and housekeeping services. That is why we have a health care professional just next to you in a small boutique facility. Just press the Nurse call button available on your bedside. If you need housekeeping services, press the housekeeping key and allow a few minutes for our housekeeping staff to assist you.

The Nurse call button is wireless which means that wether there is power or not you will be able to call the staff anytime. The nursing counter is available on each floor and a dedicated nurse is deputed for care of 4 rooms making our nurse to patient ratio of 1:4 for the Indoor private rooms and 1:1 for the High Dependency Unit.

The call bell not only notifies the nurse but also the medical officer so that your call is always attended to and care is supervised by a medical professional at all times.

We hope you will enjoy our care and heal well !