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Dr. Mihir D. Joshi. Who is qualified ophthalmic surgeon completed his studies in the subject in March 1970.

He wished to work as a doctor in rural area according the basic principals of trusteeship shown by Mahatma Gandhi & St. Vinoba Bhave.

His were Mahatma Gandhi, St. Vinobaji, Swami Vvivekanand, Vimala Tai Thakar and he believes in the philosophy of simple living and high thinking.

Started this hospital in a rental Building opp. to Group rest house Visnagar offered by the Shivabhai P. Patel Ex. M.L.A. with small capital of Rs. 300/- (three hundred) given by his mother Ratan ba.

Father Dr. Dwarkadas Joshi said him only these words “Mihir I would like if you prefer your hospital on the principles of trusteeship.”

Dr. Mihir excepted and started this hospital under the management of Jyoti Trust vadnagar which was formed by Dr. Vasant Parikh and his friends.

Dr. Mihir who also a trustee among the trustees.

In the beginning the charges were as follows.

Consultation Fees      Rs. 3 (First time for the fresh new case )
Consultation Fees      Rs. 0.50 (as many time as a patient come one year for repeat case)
Operation Charges     Rs. 50/- (including all charges for cataract glaucoma etc.)

The first operation was successfully done Shree Rahematkhanji Pathan on Dec. 1970 of Savala, Visnagar. First donation was offered by a person was Rs. 11000/- in the year 1976.


In the beginning the building which was occupied has facilities of a consulting room/operation theatre and a general ward only.

Day by day the work increased and occupied another part of building on the first floor of Mata Chakubai Bal Mandir, for operation theater and ward and the for more building was ward as a consulting room etc.

After a decode the Name of Jyoti Hospital is spread all over Gujarat the flow of patients was increasing day by day and it was essential to have hospitals own building.

Dr. Mihir is also become popular among the people of Visnagar.

He made a plan for hospital building; the land (Plot) for hospital building purchased from Govt. and Governors a building construction committee from the local persons of Visnagar. Shri Sakalchand Patel and Shri Tribhuvandas Patel, Shri Alambhai Vohra and Shri Pitamberbhai C. Patel came forward and took interest for construction of hospitals building.

Former president of Visnagar Nagrik Bank, Shri Amratbhai Patel and the directors of the Bank also took interest and effort for donation.

Dr. Mihirbhai requested to the persons who can loan some amount with out interest and made a sample for donation, some amount collected which was sufficient for the building with a consulting room, operation theatre, General ward, special and semi special rooms. And office work room.

Development of Building mile stones from 1970

  • Established in a rented building
  • Separated consulting room & indoor ward
  • Constructed own building
  • Started free food for patient facility
  • Constructed west part of building
  • Constructed residential quarters
  • Constructed library room, office room
  • Constructed trainee doctor rooms

Development of scientific work

  • Operation by knife with stitch
  • Operation by knife with cryo
  • Operation by phacoemulsification
  • Operation by topical phaco with small incision

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