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Gynaec Department (Jivanyog Nursing Home)

Our Jivyog Nursing Home, is a Charitable institute run by JIVANYOG TRUST, it is a public trust. Our centre is attached with NARCHI (ICMCH) since 1992, and we are having regular Postgraduate and Nursing (Auxiliary Midwife) students since 1995. It was started on 12th March, 1993.

Our centre has following Facilities

  • Facility for Normal & Abnormal deliveries.
  • Care for High Risk pregnant women ( High Risk pregnancy centre).
  • Facility for all types of major and minor Obstetric and Gynaec operation.
  • Cancer detection centre and management.
  • Care for Menopausal women.
  • Care and management for Breast diseases.
  • Facility for Color Doppler Sonography.
  • Endoscopy surgery: All types of Hysteroscopic and Laproscopic advance surgery with latest techniques and technology.
  • Infertility management.
  • Outdoor department for Obstetric and Gynaec patients. Antenatal care with dawn rule of 10.
  • Having our own pathology laboratory and medical store to provide services at no profit no loss bases.
  • Providing all types of vaccines to mother & children.
  • Having a library with latest medical books, Journals and CD+DVD.
  • Having a conference room for mini conferences, lectures and teaching purpose.
  • Arranging every month camp at rural place Virampur, adivasi area and providing all facilities including Operation at free of cost.

Academic Activities

  • Centre is recognized by FOGSI for basic and advance training in sonography and endoscopy.
  • Centre is recognized for laproscopic tubal ligation national family planning program.
  • Ours is the only NARCHI centre in Gujarat and run various ICMCH courses since 1995.
  • Arranging CMEs, Conferences every year.
  • Arranging clinical meeting every weeks.
  • Carry our Government National Family planning program.


Hospital Data

No. Name 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15
1. No. of Deliveries 1529 1518 1529
2. No. of Caesarean Section 515 600 515
3. No. of  major operations 912 900 935
4. No. of  minor operations 733 686 758
5. No. of Indoor Patients 3402 3340 3648
6. No. of Outdoor Patients 30275 32823 38158


Hospital Staff

1. Dr. Mahesh Gandhi
M.D.; D.G.O.; F.C.P.S.; F.C.C.O.G.; F.I.C.M.O.; F.I.C.M.C.;
Chief Obstetrician & Gynecologist
Fellow Guide of (NARCHI, ICMCH)
2. Dr. Jagrut Joshi
M.B.B.S.; D.G.O.;
Assistant Obstetric & Gynecologist.
3. Dr. Meera Gandhi
M.B.B.S.; M.D. (Russia)
4. Dr. Dharmendra Patel
M.D.; Anesthesia

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